And so, TRUCKR was born...

Truckr is a mobile platform that connects customers to the largest collection of local food trucks in order to provide a highly reliable and more meaningful food truck experience.

How TRUCKR Works

How TRUCKR Works

Network of Local Food Trucks

A huge variety of local food trucks and menus. All food trucks provide their daily menus and live updates on day to day business operations.

Order Through Our Mobile App

Create your profile (or upload your Facebook profile) and add your payment information to make quick and easy orders straight from your phone.

Prioritized Customer Service

Know how long your wait time will be and get live updates on the preparation of your food. Pick up your order when you receive a notification that your food is ready.

Our Community Commitment

We Support Local Businesses

Get to know your local food truck owner and their story.
Tip them through our app to show them your thanks.
Provide reviews and comments and let them know what you're loving about their business!

Let us know what you think!

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